The Paperless Classroom

How can you create a paperless classroom using the iPad? Here are some of the ways your classroom can be successful.

1. Online Resources
a. Dropbox- upload and retrieve files
b. Textbooks from iTunes U
i. Check out Michigan MiLearning
c. Worksheets from a vendor or teacher created
2. ePubs or online books
a. iAuthor- free app to create textbooks and picture books etc (Macs Only)
3. PP or Keynote (Apple version of PP) Slides
4. Screenshots and screencasting
5. Videos or images taken with the iPad to demonstrate "How Tos"
6. Take notes with Notepad (free app on the iPad)- you can email them to yourself if you wish to or others
7. Download a calculator
8. Poll takers to use as a response system
a. Poll Daddy app
9. Download a Dictionary
a. (it works without internet access)
10. News, magazines apps for current news or research
a. CNN and BBC
b. FlipBoard and/or Zite
c. Side by Side
d. TED
e. Google
f. Khan Academy
g. How Stuff Works

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